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Best Clip On Fitness Tracker to Buy in 2020

Best Clip On Fitness Tracker -
Latest Update: February 9, 2023
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If you are looking for an accurate way of tracking your health and fitness, sleep, and other useful parameters, you are in the right place! Sharing your interests, we have decided to present you with the options for the best clip on fitness tracker this year and examine whether they are worth your attention or not!

Clip On Fitness Trackers Reviews

Fitbit One Wireless Activity Plus

Fitbit One Wireless Activity Plus Sleep Tracker, Burgundy
  • One syncs automatically and wirelessly to tablets, computers and 150+ leading iOS, Android and Windows smartphones using Bluetooth 4.0 wireless technology. Syncing to computers requires Internet connection and USB port. Syncing to mobile devices requires Bluetooth and Internet connection. Syncing range: 20 feet. Call notifications via Bluetooth 4.0
  • Water Resistance: Charge has been tested up to 1 ATM meaning it is sweat, rain and splash proof. However, the device is not swim proof. We also recommend taking Charge off before showering because, as with any wearable device, it’s best for your skin if the band stays dry and clean.
  • Warning: Do not use if you have a pacemaker or other internal, or implanted medical device. Not intended for use by children under 13. Always consult your physician. Slippery when wet
  • We recommend charging your device every few days to ensure you are always tracking. Charge time: One to two hours. Battery life: up to 7 - 10 days. Battery type: Lithium-polymer
  • Syncs with Windows Vista and later, Mac OS X 10.6 and up, iPhone 4S and later, iPad 3 gen. and later, and leading Android and Windows devices

Fitbit One is a smart device that helps you stay active, eat smarter, and sleep better. You can use it during the day to monitor your activity, including steps and distance, climbing stairs, and, ultimately, to monitor how many calories you burn. Packed with features, Fitbit One is undoubtedly ideal for anyone who wants complexity.


This clip-on fitness tracker is perhaps one of the most advanced items on the market. First, it monitors your daily activity by displaying calories burnt through steps and climbing stairs, along with the distance you’ve covered.

While you sleep, the fitness tracker will measure your sleep cycles. Another interesting feature of this product is that you can also set it to wake you up in the morning without bothering your partner.

All of the stats above can be uploaded in a matter of seconds via a wireless connection to your computer or mobile devices. You can set your own goals to remain on track and check your progress whenever you wish.

Fitbit One keeps you motivated by allowing participation in friendly competitions, earning badges, and much more. What is more, you can log your food, all your activity, and much more in a few easy steps.

Fitbit One is resistant to water up to 1 ATM; this means that you can wear it during rain or when you sweat, but keep in mind that it is not a good idea for your skin to be in contact with a wet band for a long time. Thus, make sure you dry it as soon as possible and follow cleaning routines.

Another great feature of this product is the long battery life. It comes with 7-10 days of expected battery usage, and it only takes two hours to be recharged. This ensures permanent tracking of all your activities, food, and health status.

On the other hand, premium features are also backed up by a higher price tag. If your budget can take the hit, Fitbit One Wireless Activity Plus Sleep Tracker, Burgundy.


  • Automatic sync with computer and mobile device
  • Water-resistant, including rain and sweat
  • Tracks calories burnt and activity, sleep cycles and many more
  • Logs in meals for smarter eating
  • Has a long battery life of 7-10 days


  • Fitbit One is quite pricey

Bellabeat Leaf Jewelry Health Tracker

Bellabeat Leaf Urban Black/Rose Gold, Smart Jewelry Activity and Wellness Tracker with Sleep, Hydration, Cycle and Mindfulness Tracking, (Bracelet & Necklace Included)
  • Bellabeat Leaf Urban is women’s favorite smart jewelry, beautiful on the outside and smart on the inside with no display, no buttons, and no hassle. For women that want to own & track their wellness in a non-intrusive and fashionable way with a product that perfectly blends into their lifestyle, is comfortable to use, and low-maintenance. Modern, classy, and sophisticated design yet high tech, safe, and easy to use. Versatile and adaptable: can be worn as a bracelet, necklace, or a clip.
  • Smart tech: Bellabeat Leaf runs on Bellabeat proprietary tracking technology developed to work for women’s bodies and has following features: tracks your activity (type of activity, steps, distance moved, calories burned) sleep patterns, reproductive health, meditation (a selection of over 30+ meditation exercises), and stress sensitivity. A smart alarm that reminds you to be active and gently wakes you up.
  • Bellabeat Leaf products DOES NOT NEED CHARGING. They include a coin cell battery that lasts for up to 6 months. This allows 24/7 tracking. Package includes a Leaf Urban with a replaceable battery, Active Bracelet, Infinity Necklace, User Manual and a Battery Replacement Tool. Leaf works with both Android & iOS.
  • IPX grade 6 Water-resistant wood composite with the stone-like appeal, hypoallergenic stainless steel clip, vegan-friendly silicone bracelet / 1-year warranty

If you are looking for an innovative clip-on fitness tracker, this might be the jackpot! The Bellabeat health tracker has a leaf design and resembles a piece of stylish jewelry. One great feature of this, apart from the creative design, is certainly the fact that you do not need to charge it.


Bellabeat health tracker is an affordable device that allows you to track certain health parameters for 24 hours of the day, up to 6 months. It does not require charging, as it comes with a coin cell battery. On the other hand, this means that you need to make additional purchases regarding the battery after half a year.

The package does not only come at a highly competitive price, but it also includes an active bracelet and an infinity necklace. This allows versatility in wearing it. The health tracker can be synchronized with any of your devices through a designated app, so you can keep track and store all your health data.

The materials from which this creative jewelry tracker was constructed are water-resistant, made from a type of wood that has a stone-like appearance. The stainless steel clip is hypoallergenic, and the product is backed up by a 1-year warranty.

This product is ideal for women, not only for its stylish and feminine design but also for its features. Bellabeat Leaf Urban Black/Rose Gold, Smart Jewelry Activity and Wellness Tracker with Sleep, Hydration, Cycle and Mindfulness Tracking, (Bracelet & Necklace Included) can track steps and distance moved, calories burnt, and sleep patterns. Other interesting abilities include the ability to monitor reproductive health, stress, meditation, and menstrual cycle.

The interface is user-friendly and very simple. It can be used as an accessory since it does not have any buttons or screens, unlike other fitness trackers. All you need to do is wear it and sync it to the mobile app – either Apple Health or Google Fit.

Therefore, this product is great as a gift for your female friends or your partner. On a note of caution, the health tracker is quite bulky, and it can get stuck to the skin when worn because the backside is made of flat metal. Another possible concern, although to a lesser extent, is that it does not allow setting bedtime before 9 pm.


  • Highly versatile, can be worn as a clip, bracelet, or necklace
  • Does not require charging
  • Simple, stylish, and innovative design
  • Specially created for women, able to track menstrual cycle, meditation, stress, and others


  • The battery needs to be replaced every 6 months
  • Might be uncomfortable as a necklace because of the flat metal that gets stuck to the skin
  • Cannot put bedtime earlier than 9 pm

OZO Fitness SC 3D Digital Pedometer

OZO Fitness SC 3D Digital Pedometer for Walking. Track Steps and Miles and Calories. Clip on Step Counter for Men, Women & Kids (Gray)
  • Perfect for Everyone: With its large, easy-to-see screen and simple two-button operation, our SC 3D Pedometer is ideal for seniors and anyone who prefers a straightforward approach to fitness. No smartphones, no Bluetooth, no apps – just a clear view of your steps.
  • ACCURATE SENSOR: Our SC 3D pedometer is the ultimate fitness buddy, it starts counting after 8 consecutive steps to avoid false movement counts, the accurate digital sensor tracks steps, distance (miles or kilometers), calories burned and exercise time while walking, jogging or running. It shows your daily activity from the day you turned it on to assist you in checking your exercise activity and achieving long term fitness or rehab goals.
  • Simplicity Meets Smart Design: Instantly track your steps with our user-friendly pedometer. Hassle-free programming, side-set buttons to prevent accidental resets, and an auto-reset clock at midnight. Plus, a 30-day memory log to review and celebrate your progress.
  • Take it Everywhere: Versatile and portable, our pedometer comes with a detachable clip and lanyard for easy wearing and carrying. Clip it to your waist, tuck it in your pocket, or wear it around your neck. Its silent, compact design and long-lasting battery make it your perfect daily companion.
  • We're Here for You: Questions? Need help setting up? Our step-by-step instructional videos and responsive support team are here to assist you. Click “Add To Cart” now for a hassle-free experience with your new fitness partner.

If you are looking for ultimate affordability and functionality, the OZO Fitness SC 3D pedometer might be the right choice for you. It can track calories burnt, exercise time, distance, and many more. It is ideal for children, women, men, and seniors due to its simple operation and highly visible screen.


The OZO Fitness SC 3D digital pedometer is a lightweight clip-on fitness tracker. It comes with basic tracking features (calories, distance, steps, and others) in a user-friendly design. More specifically, you can set your own daily targets to boost motivation.

This might be a great present for elderly or children due to the simple and easy to use design. More specifically, it has a large, visible display and two buttons to configure it. It does not function with smartphones, Bluetooth, or any apps, which might be a downside for some.

The product comes with a removable clip and a free lanyard. This means that you can use and wear it with maximum comfort; additionally, you can put it into your bag, purse or pocket, wear it around your neck using the lanyard or clip it on your belt, ankle, bra, or waistband.

The health tracker has a long-life battery, and it is incredibly discreet and completely silent. This allows you to keep your fitness tracker with you all day through any situation.

All in all, the OZO Fitness SC 3D Digital Pedometer for Walking. Track Steps and Miles and Calories. Clip on Step Counter for Men, Women & Kids (Gray) is a lightweight, compact clip-on tracker that comes with an attractive price tag. If you are looking for ultimate simplicity, without bells and whistles, or you are on a tight budget, this might be what you are looking for.


  • Accurate sensors for daily tracking of calories, distance, steps
  • Long-life battery for prolonged use
  • Smart and simple to use
  • Large, visible display
  • Two-button configuration makes it very easy to use
  • Highly affordable


  • The product is quite simple, does not support smartphones or app connectivity

Fitbit Zip Wireless Activity Tracker

Fitbit Zip Wireless Activity Tracker, Magenta
  • Tracks steps, distance and calories burned
  • Syncs automatically to your computer or select bluetooth 4.0 smartphones or tablets
  • Set goals, view progress and earn badges
  • Share and compete with friends throughout the day
  • Free iphone and android application

Fitbit Zip is the affordable smart pedometer that allows you to track your health and set your own goals. It is affordable and embeds plenty of features that record your progress and share your results with friends and family.


This product comes in a lightweight, subtle design that is suitable for all-day wear. It can track distance, steps, and calories burned, and all the information is automatically synchronized to your computer, tablet, or smartphone.

This Fitbit does not require any charging time as it comes with a 3V coin battery. It has a long lifetime, suitable for setting long-term goals, viewing your progress, and you can earn badges as you register your progress. What is more, you can join competitions with your friends and share the results.

Some of the common complaints of this product are that it does not come with any instructions; you need to figure it all out by yourself. Another aspect is that the features are not very complex or advanced – which can be either a drawback or a benefit, depending on whether you want a high-end fitness track or a basic one.

Furthermore, you might need to change the battery quite often. To maintain it for a longer time, make sure you use the Fitbit app on only one device and close the app when you are not syncing. This will help Fitbit Zip Wireless Activity Tracker, Magenta last longer.


  • Tracks all basic fitness and health parameters
  • Syncs to computer, tablets or smartphones
  • Allows competitions with friends
  • Lightweight, simple design


  • No instructions included
  • Quite simple design and functions, but affordable

Realalt 3DTriSport Walking 3D Pedometer

3DTriSport Walking 3D Pedometer with Clip and Strap, Free eBook | 30 Days Memory, Accurate Step Counter, Walking Distance Miles/Km, Calorie Counter, Daily Target Monitor, Exercise Time. (Blue)
  • ACCURATELY TRACK YOUR ACTIVITY – The 3DTriSport Walking 3D Pedometer uses the latest 3D Tri-Axis Sensor Technology to Track your Daily Activity with Superb Accuracy. Records your Steps (Walking & Running), Distance (Km & Miles), Calories Burned and Exercise Time. It also stores up to 30 Days of your Daily Records, Helping you keep Track of your Progress and stay Motivated to Achieve your Fitness Goals.
  • EASY TO SET UP & USE – Looking for a Simple Pedometer to Set Up? The 3DTriSport Pedometer is the Perfect Choice! Easy to follow User Manual or watch the helpful Setup and Operation Videos to guide you through. No Bluetooth, Downloads or Smartphones Connections required. Perfect for all Ages (Adults, Seniors and Children).
  • SMART & ACCURATE - With the latest 3D Tri-Axis Sensor Technology to Accurately Record your Activity in any position – Clip it to your Waist, wear it around your Neck with the included Lanyard or place it in your Pocket or Bag.
  • ADDITIONAL FEATURES – Large clear Easy-to-Read Display, built-in Clock and Step Goal.
  • EXCELLENT SUPPORT - Our Support is Friendly and Hassle Free. If you need Setup Support or have any questions we are here to Help You! Your Step Counter comes with an 18 Month Warranty. 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed.

For an affordable fitness tracker, Realalt 3D Trisport is certainly a winner. It is small, lightweight, and versatile. Once you see it, it is impossible not to admire the manufacturer’s creativity in compiling a set of functional features in such a simple design!


This clip-on fitness tracker boasts the latest 3D tri-axis sensor technology. This means that the accuracy of tracking for activity during the day is above standard. It displays steps, both when walking and running, followed by distance, calories burnt, and the overall exercise time. Another great feature of this affordable pedometer is that it keeps a log of 30 days, allowing you to check on your progress as you go and boost your motivation.

What is more, the Realalt 3D pedometer is very easy to set up and use. It does not require any Bluetooth or smartphone connection; this might be a great asset if you are not precisely tech-savvy or, alternatively, a downside if you are looking for a more sophisticated device.

Due to its simplicity, it can be used with ease by people of all ages, including adults, children, and seniors. Whether you clip it on your waistband or place it in your purse or pocket, this product offers ultimate versatility. Lastly, it also comes with a lanyard, so you can alternatively wear it around your neck.

The 3DTriSport Walking 3D Pedometer with Clip and Strap, Free eBook | 30 Days Memory, Accurate Step Counter, Walking Distance Miles/Km, Calorie Counter, Daily Target Monitor, Exercise Time. (Blue) can be the ideal gift for your loved ones or friends. It is affordable and allows fitness tracking with great accuracy. The simple design and versatility should not be missed!


  • Highly affordable, ideal as a present or people on a tight budget
  • All basic tracking parameters
  • Increased accuracy due to the 3D tri-axis sensor technology
  • 30 days of records to check progress and boost motivation
  • Very easy to set up and use


  • Does not support smartphone or Bluetooth connectivity

Wrapping Up

All in all, fitness trackers can be great devices to help us get a better understanding of our health status and fitness routines. Whether they are offered as gifts or we decide to make a change in our life, clip-on fitness trackers provide plenty of useful information.

If you are still undecided, we recommend a closer look at Fitbit One. This might be the best clip-on fitness tracker of this year, coming with plenty of features. It embeds wireless technology, it is water-resistant, and it measures a wide variety of parameters.

These include distance, steps, stairs climbed, calories burnt, and also sleep cycles, morning alarms, and even friendly competitions. As expected, all these features come at a premium price, but it is surely worth the investment.

Our runner-up would be Realalt 3D if you are looking for a budget-friendly alternative. It is highly accurate and tracks all the basic fitness and health data that you’d expect in a fitness tracker.

It can be a great present for other adults, children, or seniors due to its ease of use and increased convenience. You can also clip it on, wear it around your neck, or simply keep it in your pocket or purse. Lastly, the accurate data is displayed on a large, easy-to-read display, and it even has a built-in clock!

Date Published: March 18, 2020

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