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Best Fitness Tracker for Spinning: Three Great Picks

Best Fitness Tracker for Spinning: Three Great Picks
Latest Update: December 26, 2018

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A smarter way of working out involves the use of a fitness tracker. This device will help you monitor fitness-related indicators such as distance traveled, calorie consumption, and even heartbeats per minute.

Arguably, it motivates and encourages you to maintain a healthy lifestyle. That said, we’ve listed three products that are candidates to be the best fitness tracker for spinning. 

Best Fitness Tracker for Spinning: Top Picks

Fitmaker Fitness Tracker


The Fitmaker activity tracker watch comes with a heart and sleep monitor. It is a smart pedometer watch that allows better tracking for step distance.


  • Powerful Functions

The functional features of this device allow tracking of your daily steps and distance, monitoring of calorie consumed, and recording of the exercise duration and average pacing.

  • Heart Rate Monitoring

Since the heart acts as a major health indicator, this device gives you 24-hour heart rate monitoring. It presents an overview of your heart statistics to allow lifestyle changes towards better heart health.

  • Multi-Sport Tracking

The Fitmaker watch records up to 14 activities including walking, running, and spinning. All you have to do is to tap the tracker to monitor and read the data report that is uploaded in the application.

  • Smartphone Compatible

This tracker can be connected to your smartphone for easy checking of calls and messages. You will never miss anything important since it is accessible on your wrist.

  • Auto Sleep Tracking

It allows tracking of your sleep quality including deep sleep, light sleep, and wake sleep. This will help you adjust your sleeping routine for better sleep.

  • Long Battery Life

Once fully charged, the tracker will allow monitoring of your movements for up to seven days. You can easily charge the unit without a cable using a built-in USB plug.


  • Daily performance tracking
  • Heart rate monitoring
  • Auto-sleep tracking system
  • Multi-sport tracking via GPS connection
  • Smart notification feature
  • Sedentary and long work time alert
  • Built-in USB plug
  • Lightweight and replaceable bands


  • Low consistency
  • Lack of lifetime warranty

Chereeki Fitness Tracker


The Chereeki fitness tracker is a waterproof and smart band that comes with a heart rate monitor. It has a calorie counter, sleep monitor feature, and several sports mode, and it also comes with a colored screen.


  • Heart Rate Monitor

The fitness tracker monitors your heart rate all day. This will help you adjust your workout routine for better health.

  • 14-Exercise Modes

This allows you to track your activities for a better workout. It can be used to track up to 14 kinds of exercises.

  • Easy Viewing of Calls and Messages

It can easily connect to your mobile phone. This will show caller ID and full messages on your fitness tracker.

  • Remote Camera Control

If the fitness tracker is connected to your phone, you can easily control your phone camera on your fitness tracker.

  • Detailed Activity Data

The Chereeki tracker will view detailed data of your activity. This will also include several activity clips present on the application.

  • Sleep Monitor

This device will automatically track your sleep quality. An alarm can also be set to wake you up through vibration.

  • Sedentary Reminder

It will send reminders for you to relax once in a while. This will be based on the setting that you choose in the application.

  • IP68 Waterproof

This fitness tracker is highly waterproof. You can wear it during swimming as long as there are no vapor or hot water present.

  • Colored Screen

The 0.96-inch colored screen comes with a 5-level adjustable brightness that you can use depending on preference and situation.

  • Lifetime Warranty

The manufacturer provides a lifetime after-sale service for the product. A customer service hotline is always available to help you fix any issues encountered.


  • Colorful screen and adjustable brightness
  • 14-exercise modes
  • Heart rate monitor and sleep-tracking feature
  • Smartphone compatibility
  • Easy charging
  • Lifetime warranty


  • Only three modes preinstalled

Yamay Fitness Tracker


The Yamay fitness tracker comes with a heart rate monitor and a sleep monitoring system. This waterproof device has a step counter for calories and a pedometer for walking or cycling.


  • Powerful Tracker

This fitness tracker accurately tracks several activities all day. It includes your steps, distance traveled, and calories burned. The device can also support tracking of cycling, jumping, sit-up, and treadmill activities.

  • Heart Rate Monitor

It adapts the latest heart rate sensor for accurate and effective monitoring. This is a helpful guide to your workout routine.

  • Sleep Monitor

The Yamay fitness tracker automatically detects your sleeping routine for up to 12 hours. It analyzes your sleep quality and allows silent vibration alarm to help you improve your sleeping habits.

  • Smartphone Compatibility

This allows you to see messages and calls on your tracker. A notification will be shown on display to avoid missing any important messages.

  • USB Charging

It has a built-in USB plug for easy charging at any USB block or computer.

  • 12-Months Warranty

The manufacturer offers 30 days full refund and 12 months warranty.


  • Step, calorie, and sleep tracker
  • Heart rate monitor
  • Cycling tracker
  • IP67 Waterproof
  • Smartphone compatible
  • Sedentary reminder


  • Made from cheap materials

The Verdict

All three fitness trackers mentioned above gives users the basic features that you should look for in a tracking device. They have heart rate monitoring and sleep tracking features which are needed to help monitor daily activities and routines towards better health. The compatibility with smartphones is also available for easy access to messages and calls.

Other than the main features, other additions make Chereeki Fitness Tracker stand out from the others. It comes with a stylish design with a colored screen for an excellent HD image quality. The adjustable brightness to up to 5-levels gives a clearer screen even in direct sunlight or during night time. 

This device is highly waterproof for an enjoyable water adventure and can act as a remote camera control once connected to your phone. It can support up to 14 exercise modes. However, only three are pre-installed, and the other slots should be added manually through the application. Lastly, the lifetime warranty that is being offered by the manufacturers of Chereeki Fitness Tracker makes it the best fitness tracker for spinning. Customers satisfaction is highly guaranteed with this product.

Date Published: January 2, 2019

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