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Best Fitness Tracker for Treadmill: The Ultimate Choice

Best Fitness Tracker for Treadmill
Latest Update: October 29, 2021

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Do you love running on a treadmill to stay healthy and fit?  Then it’s about time to track your activities as well as your body’s functions. To be able to do that, you’ll need a reliable electronic device known as fitness trackers. Check out our list and learn what is the best fitness tracker for treadmill.

Best Fitness Tracker for Treadmill Review

1. Tepoinn Fitness Tracker

The Tepoinn Fitness Tracker boasts a cool and stylish design for those who want to monitor their health. Its innovative features are guaranteed to help you achieve your ultimate goal of having a healthier body and lifestyle.

Tepoinn Fitness Tracker with Heart Rate Monitor, Activity Tracker Fitness Watch Smart Watch Waterproof IP68 Color Screen Step Counter Calorie Tracker Call SMS Push Pedometer Watch for Women Men Kids


  • Heart Rate and Sleep Monitor

This fitness tracker adopts an advanced heart rate sensor. It can automatically monitor heart rate every five minutes without any uncomfortable chest strap. The results are reflected through a graph in the app.

It can also detect your sleeping pattern automatically. This will help analyze your awake time and the quality of your sleep, whether it is deep sleep or light sleep. You can also set a silent alarm to wake you up with a quiet vibration.

  • Waterproof IP68

This fitness tracker is designed to be waterproof and dustproof. You can wear it even when washing your hands, taking a bath, swimming, or getting caught in the rain.

  • Integrated Screen and Sensor

This fitness tracker offers a dual-color strap and excellent HD Image Quality with its 0.96-inch LCD color screen. It comes with five levels of screen brightness settings which is suitable for children and adults.

  • Smart Notifications

The Tepoinn fitness tracker will vibrate to alert you in case there is a phone call or text message. It will also send notifications from Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, Linkedin, Messenger, etc.

  • Sedentary Alert

It has a Sedentary Alert function which sends vibration alert to motivate you to move after a long period of sitting.

  • 14 Training Modes

This comes in 14 different modes such as walking, running, cycling, hiking, fitness, treadmill, basketball, tennis, climbing, badminton, dynamic-cycling, yoga, football, and dancing. The first three modes are defaulted, preset, and can be displayed in the tracker while the remaining 11 modes need to be set in the app.

  • All-Day Activity Tracker

This can accurately record your all-day activities for a better understanding of your fitness level and health. It includes the recording of your steps taken, calories burned, distance traveled, and active minutes.

  • Camera Remote Control

Using a remote control, you can easily record and photograph happy moments on the screen.

  • Fast and Easy Charging

This ensures easy charging by removal of the straps and direct plugging into a phone charger, computer USB port, or a power bank. It requires about 1-2 hours to be fully charged.

  • Connects to GPS

The tracker allows easy connection to your phone’s GPS to ensure real-time statistics on your wrist. It can check speed, sports time, locus map, and calorie count on the application while exercising. This fitness tracker also supports advanced systems such as iOS and Android system.


  • Waterproof
  • Heart rate and sleep monitor
  • 14 sports modes
  • Smart notifications
  • Brightness adjustments


  • Setting up of training modes required
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2. Chereeki Fitness Tracker

The Chereeki Fitness Tracker is a device offering more functions for a better experience. Its amazing features ensure accurate readings and comprehensive results for better monitoring of one’s fitness and health.



  • Adjustable Color Screen

This fitness tracker comes with a 0.96-inch TFT LCD screen for more vivid visual effects. It has a 5-level brightness that allows you to see text clearly even under sunlight or extremely dark environment.

  • 24H Real-Time Heart Rate Monitor

It has an advanced heart rate sensor that offers more accurate heart rate monitoring. This can be set manually or automatically depending on your preference.

  • 14 Exercise Modes

This works well with walking, running, cycling, hiking, fitness, treadmill, basketball, tennis, climbing, badminton, spinning, yoga, football, and dancing.

  • Fast Charging

It comes with a built-in USB plug design that allows you to connect it with a universal power adapter or a power bank instantly without the need for an adapter.

  • SNS Messaging

This enables SNS alert function to read SMS and other social media applications you’re connected to.

  • Lifetime Warranty

The manufacturer provides a lifetime after-sale service for the fitness tracker.


  • Waterproof
  • Real-time heart rate monitor
  • Fast charging
  • Adjustable display


  • No swimming mode

The Microtella Fitness Tracker is a smart and waterproof tool to help track your fitness routines. It records useful information that you can use to ensure that you are doing well and that you are on the always on the right track.


  • Intuitive Heart Rate Monitor

This tracker automatically detects and records your heart rate after an activity. This will help you in controlling the intensity and the amount of exercise you are doing.

  • Sleep Monitor

This device automatically tracks your sleeping patterns. This allows detection of your deep and light sleep as well as your wake sleep. It helps you adjust your sleeping habits for a more energized day.

  • IP67 Waterproof

Using this fitness tracker in a body of water is safe for up to a meter deep. This ensures protection against splashing and spraying of water in different directions.

  • 14 Sports Modes

It can record multiple sports such as walking, running, fitness, hiking, climbing, rope skipping, basketball, badminton, and much more. The data gathered can be checked on the screen of your smartphone or gadgets.


  • Monitors heart rate and sleep
  • Waterproof
  • Advanced connectivity
  • Easy charging


  • A bit pricey
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After comparing the best fitness trackers for treadmills, the Tepoinn Fitness Tracker is the most recommended device due to its amazing and helpful functions that can monitor one’s activity and health.

This affordable tracker is guaranteed to have the most accurate readings even when submerged in water. Its integrated system ensures easy operations and connectivity to maximize its use all day long. Lastly, the stylish design and affordable price make the Tepoinn Fitness Tracker not only a health tool but also an accessory to match your daily outfits.

Date Published: March 30, 2019

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