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Do Fitness Trackers Improve Health: A Detailed Look

Do Fitness Trackers Improve Health: A Detailed Look
Latest Update: October 17, 2018

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The answer to the question “Do fitness trackers improve health?” is not that simple. Fitness trackers without any doubt are a great help to improve our health or overall lifestyle, but a lot depends on what we actually do after wearing a fitness tracker.

In terms of a science-based answer, just wearing a fitness tracker can’t improve your health. If you wear one and sit in front of the computer for an entire day, nothing can improve your health, not even a fitness tracker.

The fitness tracker is not a device that can do wonders for you. It is just a modern and handy gadget that gauges your overall routine, provide you with precise health-related information and motivates you. Some smart fitness trackers even advise and coach you based on the data it saves. So let’s explore the answer in detail.

Do Fitness Trackers Improve Health?

To be honest, the right question could be how fitness trackers can improve our health. While fitness trackers can improve health, and in many cases, help people transform, a lot depends on your own approach after using a fitness tracker. It is also about how you incorporate a fitness tracker in your daily life.

According to most health experts, fitness trackers help people to be more active, conscious about their daily calorie burn, and heart health. This is mostly because they can now access precise information about those factors.

What Does Studies Show?

It is not only about health experts. If we look into few studies and their results, it is more than evident that wearable fitness trackers and smartwatches helped people. For example, a study in 2017 concluded that wearable fitness trackers helped a majority of people improve their physical routine.

The detailed results of the study that was based on 200 participants claimed that 81% of the participants believed the use of fitness trackers helped them improve their physical activity, while around 40% claimed that it also helped them improve their diet and 24% claimed that it improved their sleep as well.

How Important Is Physical Activity for Us?

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), less physical activity is now the fourth leading cause of mortality in the world. This is why WHO recommends at least 150 minutes of at least moderate intensity physical activity or workout a week for adults. The more time you spend on the physical activity, the better it is.

The use of fitness trackers does the same: it motivates you to increase your physical activity. In the USA, almost one-third of the total population is suffering from obesity. Americans spend billions of dollars each year on quick weight loss solutions and medicines, but if they could have worked, USA would not be still the most obese country in the world, right?

The simple and most effective solution to lose weight is more intense physical activity. The more you burn your calories, the faster you lose weight. There is no other shortcut, unfortunately.

According to another study that was based on two groups, one used traditional weight loss methods while the other used technology products like fitness trackers and smartwatches. The latter group ended up losing 80% more weight after the end of two years of the trial period.

Our Approach Towards Fitness Trackers Matters the Most

Even though based on the studies and claims by health experts we can say that fitness trackers can help improve health, a lot depends on how we approach the real-time information the device provides us. Some people take these devices for granted and believe that they will improve their health by just wearing them. We are sorry, but this is not how things work.

Fitness trackers are designed to motivate you to take proper care of your health, to increase physical activity, and to keep an eye on your heartbeat, calorie count, and other key health indicators. Similarly, heart specialists like Seth Martin believe that fitness trackers are a great help for people suffering from cardiovascular health. These modern tech devices help people change their life habits that are often the cause of heart diseases.

How to Make Sure Fitness Trackers Are Working for You?

As mentioned above, fitness trackers can’t improve your health on their own. You need to put an effort based on the information provided to get the most out of your fitness trackers. Here is how you can make sure you are making the best use of fitness trackers.

Keep it with you 24/7. Buy one that is designed for 24/7-use and gauges everything you do, even your sleep quality. Some modern fitness trackers also coach you and come up with their suggestions based on your activity history. We recommend these for beginners.

Make sure you have a clear goal about what you want to achieve. Set daily, weekly, and monthly goals, and use fitness trackers to help you achieve that goal.

Do activities that interest you, like swimming, playing a specific sport, or anything that increases your physical activity.
Make yourself accountable and check the data provided by the fitness tracker frequently. When you are using it, make decisions based on the information it gives you.

Final Words

If you ask us, it is simply a common sense. The access to real-time information related to your health, diet, physical activity, and even sleep makes you more conscious about your health. It motivates you and pushes you to put more efforts to improve your health.

Based on what health experts have to say as well as results of some scientific studies and surveys, it is more than evident that use of fitness trackers has a positive effect on our health. A lot also depends on the type of fitness tracker you use, its quality, and if it also acts as a coach or just a device that provides you with information. The smarter the fitness tracker is, the better it is for your health.

In the end, the answer to the actual question “Do fitness trackers improve health?” is a “Yes.” If not for all of us, at least for most of us.

Date Published: November 14, 2018

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