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How To Select A Fitness Tracker

How to select a health tracker which is a fitness tracker worth it
Latest Update: May 4, 2018

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A health tracker analyzes the fitness compatibility of its users and that is why it is often a called fitness tracker in the market. Health sensitivity has increased a lot for most people as unhealthy and sedentary lifestyle has become a serious threat to wellbeing and green living of a large portion of society.

The craze of buying a fitness tracker is ascending now but how to select a fitness tracker and which is a fitness tracker worth it.

Search for user friendly models: How to select a fitness tracker

Different types of health trackers are available in market but all of them are not user friendly that even beginners can use.  If you cannot decipher the data collected by the tracker, it may turn useless.

It is always safe to go for a simple tracker with simple features. Look for these qualities:

  • If the tracker is easy to wear
  • If it is easy to read its screen and decipher the output
  • It is expected to be light in weight so that maneuverity is never affected
  • It get quickly charged and once charged it runs for 3-5 days

Check for versatile features

Versatility should be the buzz word of your health tracker.  Ideally it should be compatible to Android and iOS, so that it can be used for android Smartphone as well as with Apple mobile devices. Before you buy a fitness tracker check its features to verify

  • If the tracker can check the blood pressure level undulation
  • If the tracker can track the calorie counter to estimate input vs. output of calorie
  • If the tracker can record and remind the details of exercise session
  • If the tracker can check the sleep pattern
  • In case you are suffering from inadequate sleep disorder, this sleep disorder data will be a responsible resource for you

Check for style statement

A health tracker looks like a watch with its old analog view and it is expected to look on the users’ wrist. These watches are found in different varieties.

Before you wear one such tracker, do not forget to check its smart look, easy system of wearing, facility of changing the watch band, and easy charging system’s availability. You need to keep in mind that the health tracker should help you in staying fresh, vibrant, and more productive in a smart way. Unless the tool looks good, you may not feel interested to use it at daily basis.

Check its durability

A health tracker is a costly accessory and there is no exception that you may want to buy a durable piece for your use. Check these points:

  • If it is made of durable plastic so that it offers you a long service life
  • You can go for metallic models; however, it is strictly discretionary
  • You must go for the water proof feature of the tracker: besides good look, a health tracker should be environment friendly and at least initially water proof
  • Do not go for the look only, check the warranty policy of the watch model you have shortlisted so far
  • Check for touch screen feature, which is an added advantage of the users, who can use their health trackers with better scale of ease
  • Also check if the tracker you have shortlisted is compatible to GPS tracking

Check the app

Most of the health trackers work with an app that you can download on your mobile phone.  In some cases, this preliminary download can be extremely tricky. Check the simplicity of using the app.

You can consult existing users about the download of the app and the user friendliness of the app before you finally purchase the model.

Check charging facility

It is good if the tracker can be charged in both the ways like by using USB port or by using an adapter. Ease of charging as well as battery life if the heath tracker is a matter of great concern.

  • Also take in consideration the battery life of this health checker machine. Mainly two types of batteries are available. One is traditional way of charging where you need to charge the battery in every 5-7 days. Alternatively, there are health trackers which run of battery that usually lasts for maximum 6 months time.
  • If you are happy with 6 months battery performance, before buying thee tracker check the availability of battery and its price.
  • Furthermore, you should opt for a brand of tracker which is built with a smart display screen so that you can keep checking the time easily and you can meet your fitness goal

Notification and navigation

Advanced health trackers can receive notifications and navigation facility, which is definitely a great feature for buying a health tracker.  However, these are advanced features and are available only at higher tracker versions. If you are outdoor enthusiasts, navigation facility will definite a plus for you.

Ability to receive notification will help you to stay tuned with all incoming communications in your mobile; regardless, you have your mobile with you or you have kept it in your bag.

Check the budget

Unless specified, you must work on your budget. Tines trackers are available under wide budget range.  Try to figure out your need from the fitness tracker and accordingly select a model from a reputed outlet.

At the time of purchase check the warranty facility and money back facility coverage in case the product comes with any discrepancy.

These are the most important points you need to take care while buying a health tracker for your use. It is indeed an extensive buying task and you should buy the same after doing detail research.

Besides verifying all points mentioned here, you must check users’ review on your shortlisted product. Studying thoroughly about the models of fitness tracker worth it is the only solution for buying the best suitable model of health tracker for you.

Date Published: December 11, 2017

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