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Which is the Best Step Counter?

Which is the Best Step Counter
Latest Update: April 4, 2019

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One of the best ways to get in shape, or maintain your current fitness, is by walking or running. It can sometimes be difficult to know just how much you’ve traveled, but that’s where a pedometer comes in. With one of these handy gadgets you can focus on making the best of your workout, as well as enjoying the scenery around you, knowing that every step you take is being recorded.

If you wear the pedometer while working, you can get an idea of what activity level you are getting during the day. Below are three items that might fit the bill. Which is the best step counter for you?

Best Step Counter Reviews

3-D TriSport Walking 3-D Pedometer

This pedometer features 3-D Tri-Axis sensor technology to record your walking and running activity. In addition to steps, this pedometer provides your distance, calories burned, and exercise time. It enables you to get a picture of your activity by storing up to 30 days of your daily records. This pedometer has a good balance of features and functionality.

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  • The sensitive 3-D Tri-Axis sensor can read your movement whether you wear the recorder at your waist, around your neck, or even in your pocket or a bag you’re carrying
  • The counter continues to count even with stops and starts throughout the day, allowing for a final tally at the end, and knowing that the counter will not restart to zero when you have paused.
  • This pedometer also features the time, so it can be used as a watch, as well. This watch feature can also be set so that your pedometer can automatically reset to zero at a time you choose each day or night


  • The pedometer runs on a lithium battery, so the battery must be replaced and the unit cannot be recharged by plugging it in
  • The unit does not offer any wireless features; all components are found within the unit itself
  • The product cannot be worn on the wrist, as it comes with a clip. Having it around the neck or on the waist, while convenient, can be a little more difficult to read while moving

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3-D FitBud Simple Step Counter

This counter’s sole purpose is to accurately record your steps, which might make it the best step counter for you. Simplicity is key with this step counter. Once out of the package, you simply remove the tab near the battery, and the step counter is ready to start counting. The counter does not use wireless technology, providing accurate step counting, without the frills.

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  • The counter uses 3-D Tri-Axis technology, which enables your steps to be counted in whatever position the counter is in, whether worn on your body or in a pocket
  • When you are done with the day’s activity, you can simply reset the step counter to zero. As an added measure, the reset button is located on the back so that it cannot be bumped easily by accident
  • This step counter also includes a download link for a walking guide e-book, providing instruction on getting the best use out of the pedometer, as well as tips for motivation.


  • There are no additional features, such as distance or calorie count with this device. It solely notes the steps that have been taken each day
  • The use of a battery means that this item cannot be charged, and that batteries will have to be replaced
  • The pedometer goes into a sleeping mode to conserve battery energy periodically. It will not turn back on unless more than 10 steps are taken

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OZO Fitness SC2 Digital Pedometer

With its large display and buttons, this pedometer is easy to read and easy to use. The pedometer automatically resets itself to zero at midnight, and tracks distance, calories, and average speed each day, storing up to seven days of that information. It operates by use of the 3-D Tri-Axis Sensor, increasing its accuracy.

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  • The pedometer features a large clip to securely fasten it on a belt or waistband
  • The unit is smaller in size, so it can be easily concealed, while still being effective at counting each step that you make
  • With its bright blue color, this pedometer can be easier to find in the jumble of a bag


  • The clip on the back is not removable, so there is limited flexibility in how it can be worn
  • The pedometer does not begin to count steps until 15 steps have been taken, which may affect your overall count if you have many short bursts of activity
  • This pedometer resets itself to zero, but can only do so at midnight or noon. This may be an issue if you work or have activities over one of those hours

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For my needs, I think the 3-D TriSport Walking 3-D Pedometer is a great mix of function and technology. The ability to wear the pedometer in many ways is something I value because one day is not always like the next. Being able to look over 30 days of activity means that I can get a pretty accurate picture of what my average activity is like, since my activity does vary from day to day.

Knowing that the pedometer will be on me for a large portion of my day, possibly all day, the added ability to use it as a watch is valuable, as well. As for looks, I like the more sporty appearance of this model; it is sleek, yet it provides a good amount of information on the display.

The buttons are simple to access, and are large enough in size to make using the step counter easy. Size-wise, it seems to be just right in that I can see the information clearly, but I do not have to squint to see tiny numbers. Overall, I think that the 3-D TriSport Walking 3-D pedometer is a great addition to my active life, and sometimes not-so-active life, and is the best step counter for me.

Date Published: April 5, 2019

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