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Are All Fitbits Waterproof?

Are All Fitbits Waterproof
Latest Update: March 22, 2019

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You use your Fitbit tracker in counting and tracking your steps. Now, you are wondering if it is good at counting pool laps. Are all Fitbits waterproof enough to be worn during your swimming practice? Read on to find out!

What Is Fitbit?

Fitbit was one of the first companies to produce wearable trackers to help count steps, badges, and calories burnt. It directly connects information to your phone and other devices. Through the years, the Fitbit company has stayed on top. They guarantee to provide the needs of the customers. Also, they continue to stay true with its simple, easy-to-use, and accurate roots to give the latest and most innovative health technology trends.

Fitbit’s physical activity trackers help you become more active, sleep better, and eat a balanced and well-rounded diet. And ultimately, they aid in turning you into healthier beings!

How Fitbit Works?

The process used by Fitbit seems to be straight-forward, but actually, their technology is a bit sophisticated. It uses a three-dimensional accelerometer system which tracks motion as well as the intensity of this motion.

Basically, its software relies on special algorithms which convert the raw accelerometer data into useful information. These algorithms serve as the secret to change and improve diligently the accuracy of the trackers being produced.

Are All Fitbits Waterproof?

No. Most Fitbits are not waterproof. But all are water-resistant.

Waterproof vs. Water-Resistant

Being water-resistant, your Fitbit won’t probably have any issues if you get into a sweaty workout, if it rains on you, or if you get damp dirt splashed during a mud run. However, it is a bad idea to go swimming with this tracker since it’s not waterproof.

Fitbit tracker is not designed to be submerged in deep pool depths and aggressive strokes which might cause the water to seep into the electronics.

What Happens When a Fitbit Gets Wet?

Rubber degradation is a common problem experienced when the Fitbit gets wet. This might cause possible skin complaints with long contacts. Prolonged wetness caused by leaving in the washing machine can lead to total damage.

Some studies showed how Fitbit survive a shower or dip in a pool. However, this is not guaranteed as the manufacturer of this tracker doesn’t recommend this.

How to Dry Your Wet Fitbit?

Accidents happen! You get into the pool with your Fitbit on or wash it along with your pants. When this happened, there is a tendency for it to become ruined. Good thing, there’s still a chance to recover your Fitbit by simply following three steps.

Step 1: Stick the Fitbit in a bowl of rice to soak out the water.

Step 2: Let it rest for about 24 hours.

Step 3: Remove and plug. If it starts charging, then your Fitbit is saved.

The use of silica gel can work better than rice. Silica gel is a highly absorbent material usually found in packages of new products. If you have silica gel bags, then you can place them along with your wet Fitbit. Leave it for a few days until it is completely dried out.

How to Waterproof Your Fitbit?

If you are really eager to waterproofing your Fitbit, then here are some options that you can try.

  • Buy a coated Fitbit

Some stores offer coated Fitbits and other electronics. They use a substance that can completely seal your unit from water, up to 210 feet in depth. However, this process also seals the device’s altimeter which basically measures and tracks your height at a given time making the “floors climbed” feature inaccurate.

  • Use a waterproof case

You can simply stock your Fitbit in a waterproof case. However, there is no specific case designed for Fitbits. You can use any container with a seal to shut and keep the water out.

A waterproof armband for a phone, a waterproof bag, or a cheap Ziploc bag can be used to help protect the Fitbit.

Waterproof Fitbit Safety Advice

The manufacturer of Fitbit has some advice on what to do after the tracker is taken into the water. According to the official Fitbit website, “After swimming or getting the band wet, we recommend drying the band because, as with any wearable device, it’s best for your skin if the band is clean and dry. We do not recommend wearing Charge 3 in a hot tub or sauna.”

You can also check their website for further details on how to protect and how to use your Fitbit tracker comfortably.

Waterproof Fitbit Models

At the moment, there are only a few genuine waterproof Fitbit tracker models available. These can withstand soaking whether you want to track your swimming statistics or just merely dip and relax.

 Fitbit Charge 3

One of the latest waterproof products that you can take in a 50-meter deep pool. It comes with improved fitness features including heart rate tracker, guided breathing, and swim tracking.

Fitbit Iconic

This is a smartwatch that you can take in the pool and track your swims. At its price, it is durable, highly functional, and comes with built-in GPS allowing you to leave your phone at home.

Fitbit Versa

This is a cheap yet powerful waterproof smartwatch that can track your laps up and down the pool. Its small design perfectly fits the wrist while its memory can store several apps and music.

Fitbit Flex 2

The first water-resistant product and currently the most budget-friendly in the Fitbit waterproof line. It has an appealing subtle design despite its lack of a screen.

Fitbit Ace

This is another option. Though it is not recommended for swimming, this tracker is shower-proof. It is also designed to fit kids perfectly.

Final Thoughts

Are all Fitbits waterproof? Most of these trackers are not waterproof, but all are water-resistant. They can get some moisture on without being damaged. Submerging it on deep water for too long can wind up your nice-looking and useful tracker.

You can use a coating substance or a waterproof case to prevent ruining your Fitbit tracker. However, it is not highly recommended. Instead, you may opt to choose from the available waterproof Fitbit models when it is badly needed.

Date Published: March 23, 2019

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